Meet Gina Goff, our newest member of our Team!

Introducing Gina Goff, the newest member of our Personal Training and Exercise Specialist team.

I am Gina Goff (‘’GG”), a fitness professional focused on helping people reach their fitness goals. I was born and raised in Colombia and I have been living in the US since 2007. Learning English was the first challenge that I faced when I moved from my country. But, I managed to further my education in the U.S. and received:

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
  • Corrective Exercises Specialist – NASM
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist – NASM
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist – NASM
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified in Exercise Nutrition
  • Certified Personal Trainer – MiraCosta College
  • A.A. in Health, Nutrition, & Kinesiology – MiraCosta College
  • First Aid CPR AED – American Red Cross
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish – California State University of San Marcos

I believe that I was born to inspire and guide people not only to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle but also to help them believe in themselves and in what they are capable of. Many people are afraid to move out of their comfort zone and some lack of self-confidence, which makes their fitness goals very challenging. By getting out of your comfort zone and by facing your fears, you will be able to improve your physical, spiritual, and mental health. My role as fitness professional is to lead people towards the achievement of active living, healthy eating, and the development of inner strength and peace within themselves. I believe that inner strength is the foundation of a strong mindset and body. Therefore, by helping people develop such strength, I will also help them regain and develop many potential attributes including: self-respect, self-confidence, a positive mindset, the ability to be fearless, and take more challenges in life. All these are based on realistic goals and long-lasting habits.

Jacqui WerbelowMeet Gina Goff, our newest member of our Team!

…and the 30 in 30 Challenge WINNERS are:

The overall 30 in 30 Challenge Winner is Margo P, who walked a whopping 161.53 miles in 30 days. Great job Margo!!! The winners for each age group are as follows: Sean K (20-34yr), Dora Y (35-49yrs), Margo P (50-64 yrs), Mark J (65+)

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this fun challenge. We hope it helped you start moving..and of course continue to move. All winners will receive a massage plus an Team Active Mobility t-shirt. All participants of the Challenge regardless if you won in your age group will also receive a Team Active Mobility t-shirt. Yay! Pick up your prizes at the office.

Next up!!! Join Team Active Mobility at the Turkey Trot on November 23rd. Its a 3mile run/walk. Select ‘Active Mobility Chiropractic’ when registering and you will be included giveaways, fun challenges and FREE walk/run groups and hikes leading up to race day!

The final results for participants:

Ages 19-under
1st Place- Lucia Werbelow -21 miles
2nd Place- Oliver Werbelow -13.5 miles

Ages 20-34
1st Place -Sean K- 54.7 miles
2nd Place-Andy M- 50miles
3rd Place-Iris H-40.66 miles
4th Place-Angel I- 31 miles
5th Place-Bree F- 25 miles
6th Place-Carlos F-24.5 miles

Ages 35-49
1st Place- Dora Y-38.6 miles
2nd Place-Natalie G-36.62 miles
3rd Place- Noelle D- 16.3 miles

Ages 50-64
1st Place- Margo P- 161.53
2nd Place- Pat M- 136.3 miles
3rd Place-Sheila C- 107.1
4th Place- Tina F- 50.86 miles
5th Place-Keely D-27 miles
6th Place-Teresa R-22.5 miles

Ages 65+
1st Place- Mark J- 57 miles
2nd Place-Gene G- 40 miles

1st Place- Jacqui 82.2 miles
2nd Place- Tracy 75.58 miles
3rd Place- Kyla- 71.45miles
4th Place- Lisa 66 miles
5th Place-Dr. Werbelow-46 miles
6th Place- Chris R-37.1 miles

7th Place- Dr. Cottrell- 32 miles

Our winners in each Age Group:

Jacqui Werbelow…and the 30 in 30 Challenge WINNERS are:

30 in 30 Challenge WEEK 1 LEADERBOARD

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in the 30 in 30 Challenge!

The week 1 LEADERBOARD is up! Congrats to all!  Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Visit our Facebook Page for the latest and greatest about the Challenge and contest winners.

Jacqui Werbelow30 in 30 Challenge WEEK 1 LEADERBOARD

30 in 30 Challenge


30 in 30 CHALLENGE

What is it?

Walk or Run OUTSIDE 30 miles in 30 days (on average 1 mile per day)

Why Take on a 30-Day Challenge?

Studies show that it takes about 30 days to break old habits and create new ones. A 30-day challenge allows you to build healthy habits that may stay with you for life. It also helps to prevent boredom from your daily routine.

Ways to get involved?

  • Walk on your own
  • Walk with the Active Mobility staff on select mornings (1-2 mile walk)
  • Join the run group (1-2 mile run)

What’s next?

Sign up at the office starting Sept 1 (you can do this in person or email jacquiwerbelow@gmail.com) and pledge your commitment to the challenge. Then as of September 1, start keeping track of your daily miles, join the walk group and walk with friends or just start moving.

Keeping Track of Miles

Always keep track of your daily mileage (we have a sample mileage log attached below). If you are coming into the office you can update the mileage while here or email your mileage to jacquiwerbelow@gmail.com at the end of each week. Mileage will be updated weekly on our Leaderboard, Website and Facebook Page.

30 in 30 Challenge_mileage tracker_PDF


Prizes will be awarded weekly for participation in the challenge as well as for top mileage earners at the end of the challenge.  Prizes will also be awarded for top mileage earner in the following age groups: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 and over.

The Active Mobility doctors, staff, and personal trainers will be motivating you throughout the month to keep moving. Let’s change our habits, set goals and just start moving and feeling great!



Download the info sheet: 30 in 30 challenge info sheet_PDF


Jacqui Werbelow30 in 30 Challenge

Introducing YOGA!!!

Introducing Lisa Shaw, our NEW YOGA INSTRUCTOR. Our first class starts this Saturday, March 18 at 7am. This class is included if you are a Group Training/Personal Training Member however we are offering a DROP IN rate as well ($10). Limit 10 people per class and first come first served. *** Please refer to our website for the updated Group Training Schedule class times as some changes have been made for March**. We will see you on Saturday!

 Yoga Class Description:Yoga  This one-hour all levels yoga class is great for beginners and those who already have an active practice.  Everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of linking our breath with our body as we move through each pose mindfully – allowing time for relaxation at the end of class.  We will work on balance, strength and flexibility while creating a mind-body connection that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived.  Yoga can reduce anxiety, stress and tension as well as create peace and calm.  This all-levels class will have options to modify for a gentler practice as well as more challenging options for those who want it.  Bring your own mat if you have one.  We will have all the props including mats, blocks and straps.  Please bring water, a towel and your sense of humor for this fun and mindful experience.Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch. Please do not eat right before class.  Allow 1-2 hours to digest.

***We have a limited supply of yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga straps. LIMIT:  10 people per class.  First come first served.

Lisa Shaw Yoga

Jacqui WerbelowIntroducing YOGA!!!

Join our Oceanside Turkey Trot TEAM today!!!!

Are you a part of our O’Side Turkey Trot team yet? For all those that have already signed up, thankyou! If you haven’t yet, we are only a few weeks away from the Race Day! Yay

Make sure you select ‘Active Mobility Chiro’ under the Team section of the Registration Form.

By joining our team you will have access to FREE group training classes for the Month of November, you will receive a FREE team Active Mobility T-shirt for Race Day, we will be having weekly drawings for FREE massages and personal training and you get to support our local schools as $5 of every registration will go towards your school of choice (Lake Elementery and their running program, Madison Middle School, Rancho Buena Vista Highschool and Breeze Hill).


Sign up today!!! http://www.osideturkeytrot.com/

Jacqui WerbelowJoin our Oceanside Turkey Trot TEAM today!!!!

Athlete Spotlight: Kiley

kiley-website kiley2

We wanted to shine some light on a young athlete who has really been excelling within our clinic over the last 4 months. Kiley has been receiving treatment on her lower extremity tendon injuries with Dr. Cottrell and been working with our strength and conditioning coach, Chris Ruiz, to improve flexibility and strength. Kiley is working on her conditioning 5x/week with her sport-specific coach and has been fully immersed in her school work preparing for the next step in her education. She has been working hard within her program and shown real dedication to her sport and school. We wanted to wish her the best as she gears up for her senior season at Carlsbad High School and competes to take home the CIF title in both the 400m / 800m and 4x400m track and field events.

Keep Making Us Proud Kiley!

-Active Mobility Team

Jacqui WerbelowAthlete Spotlight: Kiley


We are very proud to announce our stud athlete, Cassidy, has just been named the youngest soccer captain in school history. Cassidy has been working all summer with Dr. Ron Cottrell and Chris Ruiz; improving her speed, balance, agility, and lower body strength. Chris designed a off-season workout program that focused on stability and strengthening her core; as well as educating in injury prevention. “She has an amazing work ethic and really gets excited about competing at the next level.” -CR

Cassidy is set to breakout this season and we wanted to wish her the very best.

Way to go Cassidy!!




This is an exciting week for us as we launch our new “Group Training” for the entire month of August. Each class will be unique, and modified to meet individual fitness levels.

FREE SESSIONS ALL THIS WEEK, in excitement for launching the new program. COME ON IN, DROP INS WELCOME….

Download Class Schedule here: Active Mobility Group Fitness Classes