…and the 30 in 30 Challenge WINNERS are:

The overall 30 in 30 Challenge Winner is Margo P, who walked a whopping 161.53 miles in 30 days. Great job Margo!!! The winners for each age group are as follows: Sean K (20-34yr), Dora Y (35-49yrs), Margo P (50-64 yrs), Mark J (65+)

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this fun challenge. We hope it helped you start moving..and of course continue to move. All winners will receive a massage plus an Team Active Mobility t-shirt. All participants of the Challenge regardless if you won in your age group will also receive a Team Active Mobility t-shirt. Yay! Pick up your prizes at the office.

Next up!!! Join Team Active Mobility at the Turkey Trot on November 23rd. Its a 3mile run/walk. Select ‘Active Mobility Chiropractic’ when registering and you will be included giveaways, fun challenges and FREE walk/run groups and hikes leading up to race day!

The final results for participants:

Ages 19-under
1st Place- Lucia Werbelow -21 miles
2nd Place- Oliver Werbelow -13.5 miles

Ages 20-34
1st Place -Sean K- 54.7 miles
2nd Place-Andy M- 50miles
3rd Place-Iris H-40.66 miles
4th Place-Angel I- 31 miles
5th Place-Bree F- 25 miles
6th Place-Carlos F-24.5 miles

Ages 35-49
1st Place- Dora Y-38.6 miles
2nd Place-Natalie G-36.62 miles
3rd Place- Noelle D- 16.3 miles

Ages 50-64
1st Place- Margo P- 161.53
2nd Place- Pat M- 136.3 miles
3rd Place-Sheila C- 107.1
4th Place- Tina F- 50.86 miles
5th Place-Keely D-27 miles
6th Place-Teresa R-22.5 miles

Ages 65+
1st Place- Mark J- 57 miles
2nd Place-Gene G- 40 miles

1st Place- Jacqui 82.2 miles
2nd Place- Tracy 75.58 miles
3rd Place- Kyla- 71.45miles
4th Place- Lisa 66 miles
5th Place-Dr. Werbelow-46 miles
6th Place- Chris R-37.1 miles

7th Place- Dr. Cottrell- 32 miles

Our winners in each Age Group:

Jacqui Werbelow…and the 30 in 30 Challenge WINNERS are:

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