30 in 30 Challenge


30 in 30 CHALLENGE

What is it?

Walk or Run OUTSIDE 30 miles in 30 days (on average 1 mile per day)

Why Take on a 30-Day Challenge?

Studies show that it takes about 30 days to break old habits and create new ones. A 30-day challenge allows you to build healthy habits that may stay with you for life. It also helps to prevent boredom from your daily routine.

Ways to get involved?

  • Walk on your own
  • Walk with the Active Mobility staff on select mornings (1-2 mile walk)
  • Join the run group (1-2 mile run)

What’s next?

Sign up at the office starting Sept 1 (you can do this in person or email jacquiwerbelow@gmail.com) and pledge your commitment to the challenge. Then as of September 1, start keeping track of your daily miles, join the walk group and walk with friends or just start moving.

Keeping Track of Miles

Always keep track of your daily mileage (we have a sample mileage log attached below). If you are coming into the office you can update the mileage while here or email your mileage to jacquiwerbelow@gmail.com at the end of each week. Mileage will be updated weekly on our Leaderboard, Website and Facebook Page.

30 in 30 Challenge_mileage tracker_PDF


Prizes will be awarded weekly for participation in the challenge as well as for top mileage earners at the end of the challenge.  Prizes will also be awarded for top mileage earner in the following age groups: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 and over.

The Active Mobility doctors, staff, and personal trainers will be motivating you throughout the month to keep moving. Let’s change our habits, set goals and just start moving and feeling great!



Download the info sheet: 30 in 30 challenge info sheet_PDF


Jacqui Werbelow30 in 30 Challenge

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