Athlete Spotlight: Kiley

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We wanted to shine some light on a young athlete who has really been excelling within our clinic over the last 4 months. Kiley has been receiving treatment on her lower extremity tendon injuries with Dr. Cottrell and been working with our strength and conditioning coach, Chris Ruiz, to improve flexibility and strength. Kiley is working on her conditioning 5x/week with her sport-specific coach and has been fully immersed in her school work preparing for the next step in her education. She has been working hard within her program and shown real dedication to her sport and school. We wanted to wish her the best as she gears up for her senior season at Carlsbad High School and competes to take home the CIF title in both the 400m / 800m and 4x400m track and field events.

Keep Making Us Proud Kiley!

-Active Mobility Team

Jacqui WerbelowAthlete Spotlight: Kiley

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